Thursday, December 28, 2006

Grande camel-milk latté, please

I'm in Dubai!

Neophyte Blogger

To all family, friends, and random stragglers, bear with me: I am not only new to this blog thing, but harbor technophobic tendencies as well. Nevertheless, I'm past due for a more efficient means of keeping in touch with the many exceptional people that seem to cross my life path so often (cue to pat your own exceptional back). Plus, as a favor to myself, I hope to chronicle some of the awesome experiences I'm lucky enough to be living. Despite my yogic aim to "be in the present", it may well prove nice to gaze back on past glories, adventures, and mishaps. The added factors of a new camera, an exciting upcoming tour plan, and a boyfriend versed in HTML have tipped me over the edge and into the Blogosphere. Feel free to peruse or skim, adore or abhor... at least ogle the pics!