Friday, May 4, 2007


You know those one-inch-thick fashion magazines full of designer styles? Those impractical clothes of catwalk couture that leave the average reader with the same "I don't get it" feeling evoked by modern art? The outlandish clothing and freakish models seem part of a one-upmanship in which the weirdest wins. I guess I have now contributed this bewildering industry by modeling for Noblesse Fashion Magazine, an Asian publication a la Vogue. It occurs to me now just how foolish I was to think this would be in any way a demure and elegant photo shoot; in constrast to my Cirque make-up and costume, I assumed anything else would fall into the category of "normal."
Instead, I found myself transformed into a 1960's style Gucci present wrapped in a bow. Orange lipstick, green eye make-up, and a black and silver dress that could have landed me in an Austin Powers flick. Suffice it to say, I was held together with scotch tape and bobby pins and told to pose on my hoop. I'm anticipating with more than a little trepidation the appearance of our May 23rd photo spread. I'll post the pictures once they're out, and I'm just trusting that a professional lens does wonders...
Regardless of how my modeling stint turns out, what fun!